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Chinese Tickle Torture
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I think I have an addictive personality. When I get the urge to do something I just do that till the desire to do it runs out for a little bit. Lately its been jewelry. Mostly necklaces. Tonight I started working on making decorative fans. Spring seems to bite me in the ass with the crafter bug. It was spring like here too, for about two hours. 50 degrees, nearly kind of balmy... now some strange cold wind has blown in and is knocking the house around and making a noise while everything is frozen. Joy
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This is a new painting done by Myke as an album cover for Vernian Process. It's quite beautiful. He's been selling prints left and right of a print made just from the airship in the painting. But now the whole painting is available for anyone interested. I believe there are still some smaller prints available from the painting that accompanies this one that he did as a commission for Abney Park. In other words, you want steampunk paintings we got steampunk paintings. That should be spoken aloud in the voice of a man at the ballpark trying to sell you peanuts or hot dogs.

I've also put up some of my new ink collages for sale. All of which can be found either on my blog, bethalynnebajema.com/scriptorium or our etsy shop, ettadiem.etsy.com.

PS: Remember the valentine cards you got as a kid to hand out in school?
I have my own version of them here ;) Now for adults, of course.
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A sample of the swords suit from my Sepia Tarot. It's nearly done, lots of yays are being said.
The last card at bottom is a sample of the actual card design.
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New artwork from my tarot collection. Limited edition metallic prints to be found here.
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This is just a quick note about my books and those who bought them. My books arrived in Taunton MA, today right at the last day of their delivery promise, thankfully. However, I'm still in GR in MI finishing up what I came here to do. I'm leaving for MA tomorrow afternoon on the bus. Upon arrival all will be signed, packaged and sent off into the usps ether to you. Thank you again for your orders. There are two left on my etsy page, but otherwise the sale is now over.
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Was I talking about how much my boyfriend rocks? Yes, silly me, I was. Well he does. So if you only remotely browse my entries, I at least suggest you pick one link of the many I put in here, and go look at his work. It's for Abney Park, and at least half my list at least has to dig Abney Park. And if you don't, why don't you? They're just an incredible band who apparently, though I didn't know it at the time, I've have various former members as friends these years. Speaking of which, go visit Kryzstof just because his pinup work is great. But mostly, I want you to go oogle my boyfriend's painting because I got to see the real thing, and watch him paint it, and I was awed by the process.
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My apologies for the variety of dual posts for those on more than one of my journals. It's time for another short print sale. Prints are on hand and ready to ship same day or within two days of order. They come packaged like this (the top prints are decoration, the prints themselves are inside the wrapping). All the other details are on the order info post found at this linkie. I've also got the very last of my older work for sale for $6.00 a print. It's mostly pre-2001 work that I no longer get printed up or honestly keep on my site anymore. If there was something older of mine you liked, it's possible it's there. As always, there is stuff at the etsy store of both mine and Myke's. Speaking of which, I wish I could find this a home before I replace my original purse with it. End sales pitch.
Have you ever crushed on your closest friend? Did you keep it secret, were there problems or did it blossom into something more?

Yup... nope... there was a little teeth pulling on my part with him...
Why yes, I'm staring at the back of his head as he draws his comic.
We get along smashingly still and I finally got to see him nekkids.
Yay for nekkids!

That didn't help with writer's block one bit.
New artworks and silliness here.
Lots of cheap stuffs here that will help you celebrate the fourth. well, depends on your idea of celebrate I guess

Making arts and webstuffs for this gentleman presently. Go buy his book. He's a faboo writer.
Given the length of his novels, he has no issues EVER with writer's block ;)

Current Music: Blaqk Audio - Stiff Kittens

I had wash out on the line and noticed a black cat in the yard. I pulled down all the bed sheets and took them inside and then came back out to toss treats at the cat staring at me in the yard. Our neighbor out here has been thoughtful enough to have all the feral cats she encounters picked up and fixed. Me, being a cat person, of course hoped one of these cats my friend, and befriended (read bribed) would take to me. As I approached the cat she didn't dart away. I got closer and closer until finally she bolted a few feet. I threw her some treats, scanning the grass of my backyard for how close they had landed to her. This is when I spotted the wee bunny.

I am a person who would probably help a spider even though I carry an intense allergy to them. This is a severe contrast to many of my friends who are hardcore natural selection types. I went out into the yard and found this very young rabbit that had been somewhat chewed by the black cat I had been previously courting. I brought the wounded rabbit inside, found a towel to wrap her in and went to my dad and apologized for my sappy heart. I brought the critter into my room and again apologized to my boyfriend for being a weeping heart. When I showed him her very broken right leg he said we needed to find an animal hospital for her. No matter how dark and spooky, I know him to be just as soft as I am to the needy, honestly.

After a short time of him calling, following numbers and the like, we were finally directed to an animal hospital about 13 miles on the highway from here. We took her there and handed her over. We filled out the paperwork and told them (through my own er-um-okee type reaction) we'd stay to hear her fate. The nurse came out and said that basically the bunny was so young and so nom nom'd by the cat that the kindest thing was to euthanasias her. We agreed and went on our way back home. But the entire trip my mind thought of all the ways I could have nursed that bunny back to greatness and put it back into the wild to rule. Damn my obsession with Watership Down.

Now, as I stare at the glowbugs that dot the side-yard of the house, the idea that I could have done more to save that baby bunny's life grips me. There are people, artists (who I adore) in this world who live for the death of other creatures, but I simply can't stomach it. I could be (as now) tankered off my ass, or sober or not as the next person, I value the life of the next creature. I just can't abide by the death of most things. I wanted that rabbit to be ok. I understand that the cat that caught it needs to live and by catching this baby rabbit it would have had a meal. I understand that creatures on this planet, cute or ugly, exist to keep other creatures alive... I guess I just don't care when it comes to my backyard. If I can exist with a severe (and I mean deathly) allergy to spiders, I put that upon other creatures who would think me an idiot. And yet, I say this even after I squished (without a second thought) a spider I found on me today. The only thought in my head being: Fuck! Spider! ERs and doctors! Not being able to breath! And that fucker went down.

I grew up a horror movie fan because of my older brother. Whether he knows it or not he sort of raised me to believe that life was forfient when stupidity was involved. I can tell you that the same brother would murder to protect his own daughters, just as I would for the welfare of my nieces. But it strikes me as sort of funny. I would do bad things to protect my kin, even though I can't kill ants in my house.

Anywho... I wasn't able to save the stupid baby rabbit. And though I tend to like felines over most animals, I found myself throwing shit at the black cat in the yard today. If that cat died and went to pieces in the yard, chances are I would collect its skull and use it for artistic purposes. Really, as much as that grosses out some people. animal bones used in art I have no problem with. But knowing that I interfered with one of its meals, that bothers. It makes me feel like I should have just done the sheets another day and not had to deal with this whole scene.
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